Personal Protective Equipment

  • Sunscreen Packets

    Sunscreen Packets

    Your work day isn’t always a day at the beach, so ditch standard sunblock for heavy duty protection from the sun with ARROW SUNSCREEN PACKETS. ARROW SUNSCREEN PACKETS provide unwavering UV protection. ARROW SUNSCREEN PACKETS is a powerful...
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  • Bug Be Gone Wipes

    Bug Be Gone Wipes

    BUG-BE-GONE WIPES provide protection against mosquitoes, gnats and other insects using all-natural ingredients such as Citronella Oil and Peppermint Oil. On windy days, liquid or aerosol insect repellents can be wasted (blown away by windy conditions)...
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  • Shelter Disinfectant Tunnel
(custom - call for pricing) Shelter Disinfectant Tunnel
(custom - call for pricing)

    Disinfectant Tunnel -2.3m

    The Shelter First Responder Disinfectant Tunnel is a new inflatable structure designed to be used as a safe space to disentect germs prior to entering a building.  It is the product of choice for many medical applications, government and civilian...
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