Shelter FR30 Inflatable Tent with HVAC and Power

Shelter FR30 Inflatable Tent with HVAC and Power

Posted by KWK on Aug 28th 2020

Shelter's FR30 Inflatable Tent  

By adding both HVAC and Generator power to Shelter's FR30 inflatable Tent you can create a complete mobile tent solution for First Responders, Hospitals, National Guard and regional operation commands.  

The addition of the Shelter 3 ton HVAC unit, ducting, lights, cords and a skid mounted 14kW Generator the FR30 becomes a complete, self contained mobile unit ready to deploy in a moment's notice.

The Shelter FR30 mobile unit can be mounted onto a trailer for easy transportation to and from a site.  Shelter Structures America can create an entire solution for you company or organization.

Shelter FR30 Inflatable Tent Package

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