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  • UFO Style High Bay LED - 150watt

    Shelter UFO Style High Bay LED - 150W

    UFO Style High Bay LED - 150w lights are an ideal lighting solution for your tenting inventory. Designed for durability and effectiveness. The lights can be installed in combination with our light weight beam clamps.  The fixture will come with a...
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  • Shelter Beam Clamp

    Shelter Beam Clamp

    Shelter light weight beam clamps Dimensions designed for M-Series and L-Series Structures. Works with the following profiles M-Series 150mm x 120mm - 200mm x 120mm - 250mm x 120mm L-Series  300mm x 120m - 350mm x 120mm - 420mm x...
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  • Emergency Exit Sign Front View

    Emergency Exit Light

    Our Tent Emergency Exit Light has been optimized to meet the requirements of the event industry. Included are the battery backup, a flanged inlet power plug, LED Lightbar, a sturdy protective transportation case, stainless steel eye bolts and a switch to...
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